A Girl Undergoes Testing in Public- Anti Animal Testing Demo! Please Share!!

  I chose to reblog this because it’s important that people realize, this is still happening! Animal testing is NOT ok…it’s horrific and needs to stop!! PLEASE share this post, or consider reblogging it yourself.   “A young woman was restrained, force-fed and injected with cosmetics in a high street … Continue reading

iCaughtSanta.com Review & Giveaway!! PLUS a FREE CODE to Make Your Own Santa Pics!

Maggie isn’t quite sure about Santa…..   This will be Maggie’s first Christmas and we’re all a bit nervous about how our tree will survive! She’s a vivacious chocolate lab….so it’ll be interesting! But….even the most loveable, affectionate pets have their limits and Santa may just be Maggie’s…..but, let’s hope … Continue reading

So…uh…this Guy Stuck His Boy Part….in a Grill? YES…Seriously!

  So….a girlfriend and I were commenting on this picture of a giant zit, boil….some kind of oozing growth on a person’s neck. We’re both in the healthcare field, so not much is shocking…   Well….I feel the image below should be added to all camping stoves, before being sold, … Continue reading

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