Pay it Forward 2013


I think many of us have debated or even tried to start the “New Year” as a “new person”. All too often these plans fail or fall to the way side, because they’re simply not realistic. We can’t be a new person, we are who we are. We can work to change things about our selves, but in the end, we’re still us.

Let me be honest, I have no desire to change who I am. I do however, look forward to continued growth. I look forward to the challenge of bettering the areas of myself that could use some bettering :)

I’ve decided to do a Personal Fitness Challenge 2013. I won’t set a weight goal, because I don’t believe that’s helpful. If I get down 30 pounds and feel amazing, I refuse to allow myself to feel as though I failed, if my original goal was to lose 65 pounds. I want to eat healthier and become more active. I will restart the Couch to 5K and hope to run at least a 5k this year! I plan to document weight loss weekly and stay on track with picture taking.

Organization. While I’ll often have an idea of where things are, I am NOT organized! I do certainly want to be, so I look forward to a LOT of growth in this department! have ideas? PLEASE feel free to share them below!

One other thing, I want to pay it forward more often. I give as often as I can and I help others when I can….but I want to take the time to do nice things for even more people. I want to take a few moments to put a smile on someone’s face, not because they need my help, but because it’s a nice thing to do.



So, with that said, I’d like to ask you all a favor. Pay it Forward 2013, with me. Create a post and offer to pay it forward to the first few people who respond- please feel free to set the limit to however many people you’d like, but PLEASE make sure you can commit to sending to everyone that responds. As many people as you send to, ask them to also post, offering to pay it forward as well, to however many people they can commit to. Send each person on you list a little note, a small gift…just something to make them smile. Do this within 2013- doesn’t have to be tomorrow or next week, but at some point in 2013.




What does this have to do with me? Well, I’ll commit to at least the first 12 people who respond, with a link to their Pay it Forward 2013 post, or, if you’re more comfortable, post below claiming your spot and message/e-mail me the link. Either way, I’ll need your mailing address, so a message is necessary.

Some items will be simple, some may be a bit more complex….but, each person I commit to, will receive something from me :) Want your spot “donated” or “gifted” to someone else or an organization? Please feel free to let me know that too- I’ll send to whichever address is provided, you name can or can not be included- totally up to you.

Please feel free to share this post with whomever you’d like, refer your friends, etc. I look forward to #PayitForward2013






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