Dial a Smile Review & Giveaways!! Whitening Kit AND Whitening Pen!


Looking for brighter, whiter teeth? Want to avoid spending a thousand or more to do so? Check out Dial A Smile Professional Whitening Kit.

I did have the opportunity to review this kit- here are my findings:

- as described in it’s listing, easy to use!

- quick and painless. Just paint on the gel, place the light in your mouth and sit with a book for 20 minutes.

- see results as soon as the first treatment! I did see a couple of shades of whitening within the first treatment, which was a nice surprise!

- I used about half the recommended gel on my teeth, I simply couldn’t paint any more on, without it dripping all over!

- every couple of minutes I did hold onto the light, as it was a bit much to just leave in my mouth for 20 minutes, without support.



These kits are certainly great. They work wonderfully, are simple to use and compared to a dental treatment, WAY more cost effective!

I also reviewed a Super Booster Pen. This was also simple to use- paint it on, let it dry and head to bed! Seriously, there couldn’t be a simpler way to….sleep and whiten at the same time? Great!

- the results aren’t as quick, but are certainly there

- beyond simple to use

- no trays, no mess



Plus, because we have a SUPER AWESOME rep- my readers get a coupon code for 60%- YES 60% off your purchase at Whitening Lightning!! Not only do they carry the whitening kits and super booster pens, but you can also check out their absolutely AWESOME lip gloss. You can check out my RAVE review here, it’s my favorite!! Use code SIMPLYSHAN60 (case sensitive) O, yes AND….because we have a SUPER AWESOME rep- my readers had a chance to win the lip gloss AND 2 more winners will get a prize too! One will receive a Dial A Smile Whitening Kit and the other will receive the Booster Pen!


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