How I Got FREE Veggie Seeds!

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I LOVE getting what we need and want for free and I’m going to share with you, one of the ways I do it :)

Join me on Listia and check out all the things you could get with little to NO cash out of pocket! Here’s how it works-

First, when you join me (no worries, it’s free!), you’ll get 100 bonus points!

You list items, recipes, pictures, coupons for free products, etc as auctions. Others then use their points to bid on your items. Auctions close, credits transfer to you, you send the item out and that’s it! You then have credits to use for whatever you need or want!

There are SO many awesome listings! I’ve gotten costumes, wigs, make up (MAC!), jewelry, coupons and more!

Other available- iPods, phones, games, consoles….the lists of available items goes on and on. So, join me and start swapping out your unwanted items for things you want and need! This year, I’ll get my veggies at such a low cost, it’s incredible!!

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