Meet Phoenix- the Amazing Boston Terrier!



I have the pleasure of calling Phee’s foster mom a friend. This lovely boy couldn’t have been placed in a more loving home, with a better caregiver.

You can see more of Phee’s story, by “liking” his page Phee’s Phans and Phriends. Be sure to stop by and say hi to his foster siblings page too! LuLu and Wally

This is a truly amazing story, but Phee’s journey isn’t over yet! He still needs a bit of help. He is in need of some new peepers….and he needs our help! Right now, he is just under $800 short of his goal! Every little bit helps, so please consider helping this amazing guy! You can see more about helping Phee get his new peepers here: Phee’s New Peepers

Even if you can’t donate money or time, please consider sharing this post, the facebook pages, the gofund me page or the youtube videos.

S.N.O.R.T- Short Noses Only Rescue Team  pulled Phee from the shelter. This organization is amazing- helping many furiends who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance at a good life.


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