The Honest Company FREE Trial Month!







If you’re in the market for earth friendly, family safe products, then look no further! The Honest Company offers loads of products, at great prices as well as bundle packs to save you money!

I just ordered the family essentials collection, which includes 5 products, of your choice. There is a long list of items and you can change it up every month or get the same ones- it’s all up to you! This package is normally $35.95, but you can try it for FREE, just pay shipping!

You also have the option to try the diapers & wipes collection, which includes 6 packages of diapers and 4 packages of wipes. This bundle works out to less than $20 per week to diaper your little one, with safe, non toxic diapers! This is also available as a FREE trial- just pay shipping!

Want to try their products? Join me HERE and start saving BIG on amazingly great products! Get your choice of diapers & wipes or the family essentials collection for FREE,  just pay $5.95 shipping!

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