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Bubble rompers are most certainly not a new concept, idea or pattern. Sure, there are some really cute patterns out there, that add ruffles, bows, flowers and more- but generally speaking, rompers have been around forever! This super simple tutorial will show you how to create your own bubble rompers, easy enough for even those who don’t generally sew! (no, really….read on!)


Take your favorite dress or a t-shirt a couple sizes too big. Follow the instructions below and you’ll have adorable bubbles in no time!! (and yes, this can easily be done with hand made clothes, my photos are of a peasant style bubble romper, of which I self drafted and made)

Mark your crotch- equal spacing on either side of the center front and back. Make sure to leave enough space to add 3-4 snaps.






Create a placket the size of your marked crotch area. Fold & finger or iron press your edges in, the fold it in half.






Place the placket over the marked crotch area, make sure the serged edge is turned down. Place the fold of the placket on the edge of the dress, line up the edges on either side of the fabric and stitch into place.








Add elastic to the edge, just inside the serged edge, there’s a reason for this, so please don’t ignore ;) These leg openings were about 16 inches each, I used 12 inches of  elastic and certainly could’ve gone smaller, use your judgement/measurements.






Flip this edge over, with the elastic tucked in- you’ve basically created a casing. Stitch close to the edge, making sure not to catch the elastic when stitching. Repeat the same steps for the other side.








Add snaps to your crotch plackets. Feel free to use snap tape, if you’d like.








Voila! You’re all set!! You now have a super cute bubble romper and the ability to make countless more!!

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Don’t forget to try new things too! Add elastic at the waist, shirring perhaps? Bows? Ruffles? Need to know how to hand gather to create said ruffles, check out my tutorial here. Make a pillow case dress and create a romper. Add drawstrings or ribbons to the legs, instead of elastic- the possibilities are endless!

You’re welcome to share this, I certainly appreciate that you do. However, do not take my pictures and/or tutorial and call it your own. This is my work, creation, tutorial and post and is not to be copied. Please feel free to link back to this post when you use it. I will gladly share your creations with my readers, just let me know you’ve linked to this post :)

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