“Fat Chicks Will Never Be Part Of The “In” Crowd”- Abercrombie Makes Me Puke!




Wordless Wednesday- EARLY!

Have you ever heard or read something and done the head snap, bulging eyes and blurted out “homiesaywhat??”?  This evening I had the displeasure of coming across an article from the ever lovely Mike Jeffries of Abercrombie & Fitch…have ya seen the guy? Well, in case you haven’t- here he is.


OK, so now that his gorgeousness is there for all to see, let’s move on. Abercrombie carries larger sizes in mens clothing, because it attracts larger athletes. It doesn’t carry larger womens clothing (size 10! dude, really??) because it attracts fat chicks….hmmmm….mmmkay.

Alright, so let’s move on from there. I guess you need to be a size 10 or smaller to be a “hot chick”, but XL men are acceptable….I imagine they must be athletes too. You must fit their mold to be hired there- this is legal how??

Fat people just aren’t part of the “in” crowd…are you 5? How insanely vain do you have to be, that you fully believe you have the right to make such ASININE statements? A&F targets “popular high school kids” LMAO…GO FIGURE! I seriously laughed at this, who in their right mind, as an adult, wants to be a “popular high schooler”- that puts a lot into perspective!

SO- this is simply a vent about an insane article I read tonight. It contains statements from a “male”, who will forever remain on my “jackass” list and a company which I will NEVER- EVER support. How sickening is this? I honestly hope people think twice before supporting such a closed minded, asinine, insane, hypocrite in his “business”.

Article found here picture of the o so lovely “male” came from a simple bing.com search! (trust me when I tell you -it’s NOT mine!)

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