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I made baby food for years…with three little ones, yes, it was years lol! Well, fast forward,  they no longer eat “baby food”, the newest craze is the food pouches! We LOVE these….they’re a great, quick and simple way to get a variety of fruits into them and they travel nicely too! Our daughter is their biggest fan!

After posting about it, someone turned me on to REUSEABLE pouches! Say, what?? I HAD to search them out! After a bit of time and lots of reading and price checking, I found the pouches AND a filling station, as well as cool storage options too! I’m so stoked, I can’t wait for my order to come in, so I can start filling and start saving! Our order will be here Wednesday- so I’ll be doing another post about them very soon!

Use the images below to be taken to the product listings!
50 reuseable pouches!! for under $17.00!!

The Infantino Squeeze Station- fill up to 3 pouches at once! For under $23.00! Additional plungers also available!

Super cool way to store food pouches!

Infantino Freezer Sleeve

Another squeezable option! You can get spoon attachments for these too!


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