5 European cities where it’s easy to work in tech

If you are thinking of getting into the technology sector, then know that in Europe, we also have innovation hubs where it is teeming with activity. Admittedly, we are still far from Silicon Valley, but there are still several cities where it is interesting to expatriate if you want to integrate the pole of high-tech industries.

– Lisbon, the cradle of start-ups

Among the new eldorados for startuppers, we can mention Lisbon. Indeed, the number of start-ups opening there is constantly increasing and the ecosystem around new technologies has shown staggering growth in recent years. Between the creation of new companies, the technological events and the coworking spaces which open in the four corners of the city, you will find a job opportunity.

If the Portuguese capital is so appreciated by young graduates and budding entrepreneurs, it is because it is easier to launch a start-up there than in any other European city. So, seduced? Embark on your Lisboa card and head for one of the cities in Europe that concentrates a large pool of talent and technology companies.

– Porto, the high-tech city

Another city that you will need to note in your list is Porto. Job opportunities in the technology sector are also plentiful. Large multinationals in the technology sector have indeed settled there over the past few years. Recruitment is thus going well, especially for developers and functional analysts whose talents are in high demand.

To consult the job offers, do not hesitate to consult the dedicated websites such as OLX or IEFP. You can then send your CVs online and have a series of remote interviews instead of making the trip each time. Once called back for a live interview, you can pack your bags. And if you’re wondering if it’s good to live in Porto, the answer is yes. Moreover, you will quickly feel at home as soon as you arrive at the airport.

– Rome, the pearl of Fintechs

If you want to find work in Rome, especially in the technology sector, consider going directly there. Why ? Because unlike other cities, few advertisements are sent online, most recruiters are looking for local collaborators. Also, pack your bag and browse job ads. Arrived in Rome, take the buses and the metro to follow the interviews.

Rome is not as technology driven as compared to other cities in Europe. However, technical and graphic professions are not lacking there and you can easily find a job as a developer, coder, web designer or programmer. It’s up to you to showcase your skills and seduce your next bosses. Note that it would be a plus if you had some knowledge of Italian and if not, then English should help you easily find a job in the technology sector.

– Amsterdam, the tech scene to discover

The city of Amsterdam is also to be remembered, as it is one of the main technological poles of Europe, particularly in terms of biotechnology. You will notice that many innovative start-ups have chosen to establish themselves there and moreover, the city hosts trade fairs and various events focusing on new technologies every year.

Looking for a job on the spot should not be very difficult for you since there are plenty of opportunities. And if you’re planning to open your own start-up there, then there’s no better place to get started. Indeed, Amsterdam is reputed to be the 4e most dynamic European city and the 3e in terms of number of start-ups.

– Stockholm, one of the biggest technology centers in Europe

Nicknamed the European “unicorn factory”, Stockholm has seen the birth of several start-ups including the famous Klarna, the Swedish fintech specializing in deferred payment. Beyond its cool vibe, the city is home to businesses worth nearly a billion dollars.

Events such as the Tech Fest are held here every year and attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. If you’re looking to get into tech, think about starting around the time these shows take place, as this will allow you to meet potential employers. It will also be an opportunity to network and find out what’s trending in the sector.

Now that you have all the cards in hand, it’s up to you to choose the city in which you want to settle. Beyond the position targeted, take into account the destination itself, which appeals to you the most? Lisbon’s relaxed lifestyle, Amsterdam’s hipster side or Stockholm’s Silicon Valley vibe?

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