A Bugatti for 1 bitcoin at the end of 2022? Kraken Boss’ Crazy Bet

Bitcoin and nice cars – Of the forecasts price on Bitcoin (BTC) are often attempted in the cryptosphere. Some talk abouta BTC at 100,000 dollarsothers speak in luxury cars. This is the case of Jesse Powellthe CEO of the platform krakenwho would see themselves buying a Bugatti for a single bitcoin by the end of the year.

A bitcoin value quoted in Lamborghini and Bugatti

The forecasts too optimistic on the bitcoin price are often reproached to those who made them. Especially if they made the mistake of their fix a date. The boss of the Kraken crypto exchange, Jesse Powellwas no exception to this rule.

During a interview granted to Bloomberg, a journalist did not fail to remind him of a very enthusiastic declaration dating fromaugust 2021 :

” By the end of the year [2021]we will have a Lambo for a bitcoin, and by the end of next year [2022], we will probably get a Bugatti for a bitcoin. »

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“Never bet against Bitcoin”, advice from friend Powell

The leader of Kraken did not let himself be dismantled. His optimism was too great for the Lamborghini at the end of 2021. However, he still hope that we can buy a Bugatti against a single bitcoin by the end of this year 2022.

Although it is most certainly a pose – the cheapest of these cars costing close to $2 million -, Jesse Powell seems in any case convinced of the strength of Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention.

Thus, in a spade most certainly launched at bearish speculators on Bitcoin (thanks to short sales), Jesse Powell made a point of saying clearly:

“I would never bet against Bitcoin. »

Twitter account @BloombergTV

In fact, the boss of Kraken has well reasons to remain optimistic. Its Kraken platform is one of the very few to have achieved the status of crypto-asset custodian bank in the USA and, precisely, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) begins to crackrecently admitting that this type of banks may soon have a direct access at his service.

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