a compendium of technology, comfort and summer

Summer colors that smell like the sun, the beach and the sunset… But above all, a concentrate of lethal technology for playing basketball in comfort. Here is what Puma offers with its new version of the Rise Nitro. Dribbling to the rhythm of summer? Hey, frankly if it’s not the bomb, we don’t know what is.

What are we doing in August? For some, the idea is to send three scoops of ice cream on the embankment of Jard-sur-Mer between two sessions of lazing around and drinking pills. For others, summer is the perfect time to combine two passions: basketball and good weather. Burn the asphalt of the local street to the rhythm of wild games? La pura vida and that’s it. And the Puma Rise Nitro too, to get the summer mood from head to toe. So, where do we start? Ah yes, well the overall color anyway. A yellow tending slightly towards orange, remarkable and noticed. Quite important to point this out by the way, because risk-taking is quite daring. Yeah, we admit here without difficulty that a flashy pair is not to everyone’s taste. However, the sunny yellow in question is fairly well offset by touches of cold colors. Note therefore the turquoise blue to bring out the logo with a certain harmony and the dark purple reinforcement towards the front of the foot. The little aesthetic crush on the pair? The orange reminders in rounded patterns, somewhat reminiscent of the orange sea at sunset time. The Puma logo is embedded in the sole under the shoe, and also on the heel. Important to represent after all.

From a more technical point of view, note that the laces are camouflaged under a second layer of upper, a nice asset since the said laces will not have the leisure to go for a walk to the right or to the left during a trip. Nitro technology is of course at the heart of the shoe, with cushioning that feels very worked. The idea of ​​this device? Guaranteeing soft cushioning that promotes comfort while allowing you to prolong the effort without feeling pain. Did we tell you about a purple reinforcement? It is not only there to please the eyes, but also to protect the user and the shoe when changing direction. All this, RJ Barrett has understood since he will be equipped with the Puma Rise Nitro this season to send dirty on the side of Madison Square Garden. The Knicks star likes to stand out, both in basketball and in terms of style.

A pair clearly inspired by summer, which nevertheless can be worn all the time, ensuring that everyone can see it. All condensed in an object filled with technologies aimed at optimizing user performance. Without sacrificing comfort either, you might as well combine business with pleasure. The pair of Puma Rise Nitro is available here!

Source: PUMA

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