a Google search might be enough to launch a game

Google is reportedly trying out a new feature in its search engine. This would allow anyone with an account on a cloud gaming platform to quickly access a desired game by typing its name directly into the Google search bar. And it wouldn’t be limited to Stadia.

Xbox Cloud Gaming // Source: Microsoft

What if launching a game in the cloud became even faster in the future than on console and PC? Google is reportedly testing a new feature on its search engine for cloud gaming platforms. This would allow you to display a “Play” button when you search for the name of a game on Google from a PC or on mobile, as for films, series and music which already have similar buttons positioned on the right in a section to right of Google searches.

Access to its games in one click

This addition was spotted by Bryant Chappel’s Twitter account from YouTube channel The Nerf Report.

It looks like the Google search engine has a new update for cloud gaming platforms!!!

When searching for a game players can now launch a game directly from the search results utilizing @GoogleStadia. pic.twitter.com/xblOsBpF6O

—Bryant Chappel (@BryantChappel) August 11, 2022

Google wouldn’t limit this new option to its Stadia service, but would also make it compatible with other services like Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

To take advantage of this functionality, you will already have to wait for it to be deployed for you and be connected to an account associated with one of these services (otherwise you will be entitled to a referral to a registration page). You might also sometimes be entitled to some intermediate steps.

Works on mobile too. pic.twitter.com/vZAGLeemO3

—Bryant Chappel (@BryantChappel) August 11, 2022

It also seems that the feature doesn’t work with all games yet. The option also indicates whether your game requires a subscription or not to enjoy it. This new button will therefore allow you from a Google result to avoid the usual process for launching a game (go to the platform’s site, find the game and launch it).

Availability still unknown

We do not yet know if Google intends to launch this function more generally. She would have appeared for some people before disappearing for who knows what reason. For Sean Hollister, journalist at The Verge, the functionality has returned, but only with his Google Workspace account which is not yet associated with any cloud gaming service.

Nothing is to report yet in France for the moment. Google may be testing the feature with some people to gauge their reaction. In any case, this option has a lot of potential.

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