A machine that serves a cocktail in 3 seconds? This new technology proposed by a resident of Menton

Clément Gonnet launches into the cocktail business, an industry that is successful on the Côte d’Azur. With this machine that makes cocktails in the place of the waiter in no time, he wants to innovate the experience behind the bar.

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While a bartender can take several minutes to make a cocktail, especially if people are gathering in front of the counter, the Mixomatic machine promises a drink served in 3 seconds flat! Clément Gonnet, from Menton at heart for more than ten years, started selling this machine with its futuristic concept. He intends to convince the professionals of the Côte d’Azur!

Two months ago, Clément, butler for fifteen years decided to give up his apron. The hotel business is over for him, he prefers to embark on entrepreneurship. Together with his colleague and friend Blas, they researched this machine for several months before making sure that quitting their job was a good idea.

Clément explains how he came up with the idea of ​​selling this cocktail machine:

In the hotel, in the afternoon, there are no waiters because the restaurant is closed. But guests who use the pool often ask for cocktails. So we refused sales all day! A solution had to be found.

Made in Germany, this machine can serve more than a hundred cocktails. Using a touch screen, the waiter chooses the cocktail ordered and launches the preparation, which takes three seconds. “He just has to add the ice cubes and the decoration”, explains Clément Gonnet.

As a bonus, the recipes are customizable to allow servers to include their own signature cocktails in the list of possibilities. This machine is sold between 12 and 20,000 euros to professionals: bars, restaurants, hotels, private beaches, campsites…

This week, Blas and Clément toured the bars and restaurants between Menton and Nice who might be interested in their machine. They do a demonstration and a tasting and… voila! Two establishments on the Côte d’Azur seem about to buy the little beast.

A boss didn’t offer cocktails in her bar because she doesn’t have a waiter, he explains. From now on, she will be able to offer them without having to hire someone else!” So robots are replacing the work done by humans? Far from it for Clement. According to him, the Mixomatic is a solution to remedy the lack of catering staff. A well-known problem on the Côte d’Azur.

The idea is not to replace the bartender! The dishwasher has not replaced the dishwashers and the Themormix, the cooks… It is an additional help for the teams!

After canvassing the professionals of the South-East of France, Clément Gonnet will take the road to the ski resorts. “We already have people who have contacted us from Méribel and Megève so we say to ourselves that there is a market there too”, he said. See you in a few weeks to taste the cocktails of the future!

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