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a new side effect observed months after infection

A new study, published on November 16 in the medical journal Neurology of the American Academy of Neurology, has lifted the veil on a new side effect linked to infection in the coronavirus. Although rare, and the researchers behind this discovery have particularly pressed the term, this effect is still added to the long list of those that had already been uncovered until now.

An effect that can occur six months after infection

According to this new study, infection with one of the Covid-19 viruses could increase the risk of experiencing seizures or develop epileptic seizures. And, this, until six months after being hit by the coronavirus.

Although the overall risk of developing seizures or epilepsy is low – less of 1% of all people with Covid-19given the large number of people infected with Covid-19, this could lead to a increase in the number of people suffering from epileptic seizures and epilepsy said Arjune Sen, a researcher at the University of Oxford in England and author of the study.

Found in adults, but much more so in children, this increased risk has also been detected. in people whose infection had not led to hospitalizationsIn addition, the increased risk of seizures and epilepsy in children gives us another reason to try to prevent COVID-19 infections in childrenadded the scientists behind the discovery.

More than 150,000 people analyzed

To get these results, the health records of more than 150,000 people infected with the coronavirus andinfluenza have been observed. Previously, none of the participants in the study had proven to have epilepsy or seizures. The patients observed had all of roughly similar ages, genders and medical histories.

Eventually, it was observed that people with Covid-19 were 55% more likely to develop an epilepsy-like illness or have seizures during the six months who followed the infection, compared to those with influenza.

A risk present, but very low

However, the authors of the study wanted to reassure. If the risk is indeed present, because of its observation by scientific and medical evidence, it remains very rare.People have to interpret these results with caution because the overall risk is low “, they specified.

However, we recommend that healthcare professionals pay particular attention people who may have more subtle features of seizures, such as conscious focal seizures, where people are alert and aware of what is happening especially in the three months following a crisis concluded the study authors.

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