Airbnb is testing ‘anti-party’ tech in North America

Airbnb plans to test “anti-party” technology. Based on several criteria, the tool would make it possible to better enforce the ban on parties in accommodation rented via the platform.

For anyone worried about renting out their home, Airbnb may have the solution. Indeed, the San Francisco-based company will test an “anti-party” technology. Initially reserved for the United States and Canada, it will likely make it possible to better enforce the global ban on parties in Airbnbs, made permanent at the start of the year.

The technology should thus make it possible to automatically detect reservations likely to give rise to impromptu parties. To do this, the tool will examine the comment history of the person who wishes to book, the age of their account, the length of stay desired and whether the reservation is for the week or the weekend.

Airbnb is not at its first attempt in terms of bamboche hunting. Indeed, since July 2020, the platform has been using an “anti-party” system in North America with a focus on customers under 25. Additionally, the company has been testing similar technology since 2021 in Australia, where it has seen a 35% drop in banned parties.

However, the service does not want to scare away its most party-loving customers either. This is why hosts suspected of having organized unauthorized parties (and therefore blocked from booking certain rentals) will be able to book a room only or a hotel via the platform.

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