Airbnb is working on technology that can detect partygoers

Airbnb no longer wants travelers to party in accommodations rented through its platform. For this, it is testing a new technology to detect the intention of rental companies.

Lthe hunt is on. Since the start of the pandemic, the Airbnb accommodation reservation platform has been uncompromising with travelers who are really just partygoers who are looking for large spaces to drink until the early hours. They often leave apartments and houses in deplorable condition. The owners are exhausted. So the platform develops a technology capable of detecting the intentions of travelers in advance. The application will now be able to know if you come to party, explains the Guardian.

The algorithm has been tested for several months in Australia. “We noticed a 35% reduction in unauthorized parties”, assures the company Airbnb. It will then be deployed in the United States and Canada as a priority.

Who is the perfect party animal?

The principle of this technology is to be based on the factors which, according to the algorithm, make the perfect party animal: lack of positive comments on the profile of the traveler, profile just created, very short stay, accommodation very close to the place of traveller’s dwelling, etc.

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“The main goal is to try to reduce the possibility of people with bad intentions from partying illegally, which harms our hosts, neighbors and our entire community,” the company wrote in a statement.

In the United States, where the algorithm is therefore not yet available, the company goes even further with the strict rules. To avoid any problems related to the holidays, it simply prohibits anyone under 25 without a positive comment from booking any accommodation.

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