Ambilight technology at a very good price with this Philips 4K TV

News good deal Ambilight technology at a very good price with this Philips 4K TV

4K is a luxury that is increasingly affordable, as evidenced by the price of this 55-inch Philips 4K TV with Ambilight technology.

Philips 55-inch 4K LED TV is less than €500 at Rue du Commerce

In the world of high-end TVs, it’s hard to compete with the three-headed hound LG, Samsung and Sony. Yet brands like Philips somehow manage to get out of the game by offering innovative technologies. If the Asian manufacturers dominate the debates, the Dutch firm has chosen to compete with them with its own weapons.

The price is also one of the major advantages of Philips TVs, especially when Rue du Commerce also puts its own. As a result, we end up with the Philips 55-inch 4K LED TV (55PUS7956/12) at the very nice price of €449 instead of €499. And you will see, this TV is full of features, each one cooler than the next.

Buy the Philips 55PU 4K TV for €449 at Rue du Commerce

Ambilight: the major strength of this TV

Let’s get to the heart of the matter if you don’t mind. The 55PU has a dual core processor, which plays all content in ultra high definition. Equipped with HDR and Dolby Vision, this Philips TV is also Dolby Atmos certified. With all this, you can therefore forget about the somewhat mediocre sounds that you have become accustomed to if you have never had a TV worthy of the name. In fact, these technologies offer an atmosphere almost worthy of the cinema with beautiful colors, marked contrasts, dazzling brightness as well as high-level sound.

Thanks to the Android TV operating system, you will have access to a simple interface that will allow you to access your favorite streaming applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ or Youtube. The Dutch brand also equips all its televisions with a large gallery of applications that will give you access to a plethora of entertainment.

connector side, the TV has three HDMI ports, one of which is 2.0 compatible and the other two 2.1, an optical digital audio output as well as two USB ports, an Ethernet port in addition to Wi-Fi. The HDMI 2.1 ports will allow you to play on your PS5 or Xbox Series X in 4K 60 FPS using the VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) which eliminates lag. Also note that the TV has the Ambilight game mode, which is a real plus for your gaming sessions.

Precisely, let’s talk a little about this Ambilight technology! This is undoubtedly one of the great strengths of Philips TVs. Here’s how it works: with smart LEDs arranged all around the TV (on 3 sides here) and reacting to on-screen content to produce lighting that captivates you and immerses you in the heart of the action. With Ambilight, Philips offers us here one of the most pleasant technologies for a video game or cinematographic experience.

Currently at €449 instead of €499 at Rue du Commerce, the Philips 55-inch 4K LED TV is an excellent compromise – even if the purchase of a television is always a good investment.

Buy the Philips 55PU 4K TV for €449 at Rue du Commerce

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