Amisgest Technology of Sainte-Julie joins forces with software publisher Antidote

Amisgest Technologie, a company from Sainte-Julie, has partnered with Druide informatics to integrate the Antidote Web into the digital logbook “À petits pas”, an application intended for daycare services. to monitor the development of children and which allows more than 18,000 educators in Quebec to record their daily observations, with text and images, and then share them with parents.
As the president of Amisgest Technologie, Éric Rousseau, explains, Antidote’s proofreader, dictionaries and language guides are accessible from the logbook’s text boxes. This immediate access can generate significant productivity gains and, above all, improves the professionalism of communications with parents and the Ministère de la Famille.
“Daily notes are taken in the heat of the moment, often on a tablet. In addition, for many, French is a second language. Access to Antidote makes it possible to effectively correct a text. »
“And this is only the beginning, he adds, we are already working on integrating Antidote into our four other applications. In fact, Amisgest Technology, launched in 2011, offers a complete suite of five software programs to optimize the management of daycare services. It serves more than 1,500 establishments with its scalable solutions, attentive to the needs of the early childhood environment and on the lookout for new government regulations.
A first
“The clarity of the information in the educational files depends on the quality of the writing,” added André d’Orsonnens, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Druide informatics. “And it’s all the more important that we talk about our children! Antidote can help educators take care of their writing and thus better inform parents. “À petits pas” is the first application designed for daycare services into which Antidote is integrated. »
He added that daycare services using À petits pas and who subscribe to Antidote Web can take advantage of this new integration at no additional cost as of now.
It should be noted in conclusion that Druide informatics produces and markets Antidote, the largest French and English writing assistance software, as well as Tap’Touche, the keyboard typing learning software.

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