Another recruitment failure for the Greens?

This summer, AS Saint-Étienne has not experienced the transfer window in the best way so far. The hoped-for sales have not yet all been completed, the arrivals have not yet all been completed, while this situation prevents Laurent Batlles from building a sustainable and stable workforce week after week. Today, a new target for the Greens still seems to elude the team.

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In the direction of departures as in the direction of arrivals, each operation appears more complex for AS Saint-Étienne. Adil Aouchiche is still waiting to know his near future, while the offensive sector, which is just waiting to be strengthened, is still stagnating with the same players after already three days of resumption of the championship. In search of drawing on the side of ESTAC given the liabilities of the coach of the Greens, the Saint-Etienne training seems to come up against a new mishap.

Bad news doesn’t come alone

Looking for several profiles, ASSE selected ESTAC as a potential pool of talent. After having succeeded in attracting Jimmy Giraudon in his nets, Laurent Batlles obviously hoped to enlist other of his former players. Thus, Yoann Touzghar was notably tracked on the front of the attack, but a disagreement canceled this expected transaction, yet on track last week. According to information provided by Holy Insideit would seem that this failure is not without repercussions.

In effect, Florian Tardieu was one of the new Saint-Etienne targets at the end of August. The opening to sign the 30-year-old defensive midfielder seemed very real, but the events with Touzghar have cooled the negotiations. While playing for the same club, the player is also accompanied by the same agent than the 35-year-old Trojan striker.

The failure in the Touzghar file would thus have precipitated the failure in that leading to Tardieu. Still very difficult to attract profiles, ASSE continues with spite its phase of doubts as to its final workforce.

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