Apple Glass: Better ergonomics than competitors thanks to this technology

Apple has obtained a new patent for finger sensors that will be used for its mixed reality headsets. Revealed by Patently Apple, the patent details a different personalized device that extends to the user’s fingers. The potential for such a device could enable 3D air gestures and wireless controls, which would be far more dramatic compared to Meta’s current Oculus Quest controllers.

  • Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset could use finger sensors
  • This type of finger-mounted device could enable aerial gestures and mimic real-life sensations
  • It is not certain that we can see this technology on a real device

Apple’s first mixed reality headset is expected to arrive next year, but details surrounding the device are limited. Apparently, the company’s new patent hints at what we might see of future Apple headsets with an advanced wearable device.

The patent shows that the device will consist of several finger-worns and a main circuit. The latter could be in the form of a compact module attached to the back of the hand. It could also come in the form of a wristband or be part of a camera-enabled glove. As for the finger-mounted device, each unit will use an array of sensors such as force and optical units. Additionally, Apple could also design the device as a wearable ring.

Apple’s advanced finger-mounted sensor could enable air gestures and extended haptics / © Patently Apple

Although more complex than an ordinary joystick, the advantages of this finger-mounted device or component are significant. There are countless ways Apple can take advantage of this technology. For example, it could enable multi-dimensional air gestures when controlling mixed reality headset content. It is also possible to mimic the sensations in different scenarios thanks to the integrated haptic sensors, which would ultimately make it a more immersive experience.

It is not yet known if or when we will be able to use this technology on an actual Apple device. But it’s possible the Cupertino company will give hints about the advanced finger-mounted controller once its first MR headset is announced. Moreover, the approved patent does not guarantee that the technology can evolve into an actual device.


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