Between technology and naturalness, Guerlain reinvents its icon, the Abeille Royale serum

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THE FOCUS OF THE DAY Three years of work and more than 200 tests to give life to the new generation of serum Royal bee Double R Renew & Repair, an emblem of the bicentenary label. But then why reinvent a unanimously acclaimed product, bestseller since 2018? Guerlain Research has worked in secret with the French start-up Biocorium to amplify the effectiveness of its anti-ageing formula, combining a dual lifting and exfoliating (peeling) action in one bottle. The objective: to enrich its combination with the extraordinary tensor power of bio-polyfermented Ouessant and Ikaria honeys, a miracle alloy that can only be achieved via a biotechnological fermentation process.

© Maison Guerlain

Thanks to this patented discovery, the new Advanced Double R Renew & Repair Serum is stimulated by a dozen micro-organisms promoting the biotensegrity of the skin. Or the art of intervening on the mechanics of skin tension (stress, pollution, cellular relaxation, fatigue, etc.). By thus energizing the connections between epidermal and neuronal cells, it boosts the skin’s natural self-repair mechanisms with increased restorative effectiveness.

Today, we expect a beauty product to be at the cutting edge of technology to ward off the effects of time. This wish goes hand in hand with our strong need for naturalness. Guerlain responds to this double injunction with a formulation made from 96% ingredients of natural origin!

L’Abeille Royale is the torchbearer of our trajectory in terms of ethical sourcing, eco-design and eco-formulation. The Advanced Double R Renew & Repair serum reflects Guerlain’s continuous improvement approach in terms of the efficacy and sensory quality of its products, as well as its commitment to making naturalness a strict rule in skin care. skin in particular, exceeding our objective of systematically formulating up to 90% naturalness. “, shares Dr. Frédéric Bonté, director of research for the tricolor champion.

© Maison Guerlain

As for the olfactory experience associated with this new elixir, it is a delight for the senses… A masterpiece signed by the famous nose, Thierry Wasser, master perfumer of Maison Guerlain.

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