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blackmail, abuse, USB keys… Al-Khelaïfi at the center of an unprecedented explosive affair

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Revealed by Liberation, the affair has been causing a stir since last night and involves a Franco-Algerian entrepreneur and lobbyist and the boss of PSG Nasser Al-Khelaïfi. This “explosive” affair is said to have taken place against a backdrop of blackmail, arbitrary detention, abuse, embarrassing documents and a confidential agreement settled by intermediary lawyers, in particular with the aim of not interfering with the organization of the next FIFA Cup. world in Qatar (November 20-December 18).

At the heart of the case: Tayeb B., arrested in Doha on January 13, 2020 and imprisoned for nearly nine months in harsh conditions, on the grounds that he had documents supposedly compromising for Al-Khelaïfi. The 41-year-old businessman was released on November 1, 2020, after handing over to the Qatari authorities, via a confidential agreement, USB keys and a hard drive on which the sensitive documents were stored.

These documents relate to suspicions of corrupt action by the emirate and Al-Khelaïfi in the controversial awarding of the World Cup to Qatar twelve years ago, and facts of concealed work in the entourage of the President of PSG. They would also be linked to his private life in the capital. A relative of the latter brushes aside the accusations and explains that Tayeb B. “would have systematically sought to link his Qatari setbacks with Nasser […] He is a blackmailer who wanted millions of euros and who got burned. “Who is telling the truth?

to summarize

PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is allegedly involved in a scandalous affair in which an entrepreneur detained in Doha for several months allegedly had sensitive documents about him. The revelations are chilling.

Bastien Aubert

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