Bugatti: When craftsmanship and high technology come together

When you are invited to Bugatti, in Molsheim, in Alsace, the speaker is not an ordinary guide. Pierre-Henri Raphanel, racing driver, has 14 editions of the 24 Hours of Le Mans on the clock, including three podiums. In 2010, he enriched his prize list with the record for the fastest production car in the world at the time: 431.072 km/h at the wheel of a Veyron Super Sport.

“All our customers are invited here to live the Bugatti experience”, he explains. Worth 3 million euros, excluding taxes and options, the brand’s cars are the most expensive on the planet.

For limited series, such as the Centodieci, of which it is planned to produce only ten copies, candidates for purchase will not all be satisfied, even if spending 8 million euros does not slow them down. This is the price of rarity, but also of engineering that leaves nothing to chance. “Our models must be as reliable as any other car in the Volkswagen Group, over hundreds of thousands of kilometres… A distance that none of our customers can reach! Regularly, in winter, our development teams go to the Arctic Circle for testing on snow. But who is going to take out his Bugatti when the snowflakes are falling? This attention to the smallest detail, no other brand producing this type of car has it.”

german spirit

At Bugatti, we want buyers of a Chiron, a Divo or a Centodieci not just to sign a big check. Visitors to Molsheim are immersed in the brand’s past. “Its incredibly rich story began in a family of artists, continues Pierre-Henri Raphanel. Ettore Bugatti is famous for his unique automobiles, his father Carlo for his furniture and his brother Rembrandt for his animal sculptures. three are on display in museums around the world. It’s unique.”

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