For Google, artificial intelligence will be able to prevent and monitor climate disasters

For several years Google has been helping people combat the negative effects of climate change, including extreme weather events such as wildfires and floods, by developing systems to track these natural disasters. Google has added new features to its flood and wildfire tracking services that expand the scope of who can use it and what … Read more

how much does a working VPN cost in 2022?

A VPN increases the privacy of your Internet connection, but at what cost? How much should you pay for an efficient, robust and reliable VPN? Subscription prices may vary, but you’ll likely find a plan that meets your needs. If the VPN was still something quite confidential and reserved for a rather particular public of … Read more

Google is developing an AI model to train bots faster

Several researchers from Google AI, the artificial intelligence research division of the Mountain View firm, presented their latest find on November 2, 2022. They succeeded in setting up a tool which, using natural language, allows a robot to perform a task for which it was not initially programmed. Artificial intelligence at the service of industry … Read more

4 Malware Infected Apps Found on Google Play Store: Uninstall Them Quickly

Earlier last month, Facebook warned users about 400 malicious apps listed on the Google Play Store that stole user login credentials and details. After a month, the Malwarebytes Lab found four apps infected with a hidden advertisement Trojan. Additionally, the lab identified that all of these apps belonged to the same developer named Mobile Apps … Read more

Learn more about the missions of Google Ads consultants

Google Ads is part of Google Marketing Services which helps businesses promote their products and services. Consulting with Google Ads advertisers is a lucrative career option for those who are patient and well-versed in digital advertising techniques. Google Ads Consultants Consultants working with Google Ads typically identify the keywords and ad formats that will most … Read more

Micro Focus integrates with Google Cloud’s Dual Run for migrating mainframe applications to the cloud

Micro Focus announces the integration of its mainframe application modernization solution with Google Cloud’s Dual Run product. Dual Run uses technology from Micro Focus to accelerate, automate and reduce the risk of migrating mainframe applications to Google Cloud. Dual Run provides parallelized execution capabilities that run concurrently on-premises and on Google Cloud Platform, to ensure … Read more

Google cuts hundreds of domains in France

The Authority for the Regulation of Audiovisual and Digital Communication (ARCOM) has been working hard since its establishment on 1er January 2022. At least, this public regulatory authority has reinforced powers which, according to its assessment after six months of existence, are being used effectively. It is particularly in the context of the fight against … Read more