what are the first symptoms?

With 43,000 new cases per year in France, colorectal cancer – or colon-rectum cancer – is the third most common cancer in men and the second in women, according to the National Cancer Institute (INCa). . This disease forms in the cells that line the wall of the large intestine. The latter is made up … Read more

Demand for amoxicillin on the rise with the resurgence of winter infections

Will we soon run out of amoxicillin? For several weeks, this antibiotic, one of the most commonly prescribed in the French pharmacopoeia, used, among other things, in the treatment of nasopharyngitis, ear infections, bronchiolitis or even bacterial angina, has become increasingly rare behind the pharmacy counters. A finding that worries health professionals, while winter pathologies … Read more

Is bread bad for cholesterol?

Bread generally does not contain cholesterol, but varieties that contain animal products, such as milk and butter, do. White bread and other types of bread made from refined grains can raise a person’s cholesterol level. Bread is a staple food for many different cultures, and there are hundreds of different types. Some varieties of bread … Read more

Amoxicillin, widely prescribed for children, officially on the list of drugs in “tension”

The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products has issued several recommendations to doctors, pharmacists, patients and parents of patients in the face of the supply tensions encountered for amoxicillin. Dwindling stocks. The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) confirmed on Friday that amoxicillin, an antibiotic, is … Read more

Lose weight: here is the unsuspected fat-burning ingredient to add to all your dishes to slim down a little every day

Want to start weight loss? The best thing to do to achieve this is to make an appointment with a health professional: doctor, dietitian or nutritionist. The latter can best support you according to your metabolism while not endangering your health. But if you want to read tips, just for fun, without necessarily implementing them … Read more

beyond amoxicillin, many treatments concerned

As of November 18, at least 277 drugs are currently subject to supply difficulties in France. Between 2016 and 2021, reports of risks of shortages or confirmed stock shortages were multiplied by 5. Are we going to a shortage of amoxicillin? The National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) confirmed on Friday that the antibiotic, mainly used … Read more

the new wonder drink for detox and weight loss

If you’ve ever experienced browsing TikTok around 3 a.m., don’t worry, you’re not alone. We literally tend to consume all kinds of content on the app. From makeup tutorials and workout videos to easy recipes and life hacks, there’s no doubt that TikTok will always have something to catch your eye. In fact, there is … Read more