Technology: “Our central functions have grown from 18,000 to 800 employees”

– “Our central functions have gone from 18,000 to 800 employees” To explain the increased results, Björn Rosengren, CEO of ABB, puts forward a redefined product portfolio as well as a very strong decentralization. Philippe Monnier Published today at 06:00 Björn Rosengren: “Why do you want us to use external consultants? Since I have been … Read more

But who is Ai-Da, painter, poet and robot?

“I depend on computer programs and algorithms. Although I’m not alive, I can still create art. That’s how Ai-Da recently addressed the UK Parliament’s Communications and Digital Committee, which was holding a session to discuss the role of technology in art. The first name of this presenter is inspired by the famous British mathematician Ada … Read more

The golden age of SaaS is becoming a DevOps nightmare, by Rohini Kasturi, Chief Product at SolarWinds

Rohini Kasturi, Chief Product at SolarWinds in the future, all software will be available via the cloud. So said in 2011 Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, often considered the creator of the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. More than two decades after the launch of Salesforce, the cloud has become the delivery model of … Read more

PlayStation worked on NFT and Blockchain technology, patent claims

The video game industry reacted to the appearance of blockchain technology. Many companies have chosen to explore this path, including Square Enix or SEGA. PlayStation has also been investigating the application of NFTs, or so it suggests a patent that includes a system for “the creation, use, modification, and transfer of creative digital objects in-game.” … Read more

Plastics: chemical recycling finally recognized by the European Commission

With plastic waste piling up, the European Commission wants to put in place new ways to deal with it. Manufacturers are offering a chemical recycling technology capable of making waste that was previously buried or incinerated circular. But what is it really? Plastic production has grown steadily in recent decades, rising from 1.5 million tonnes … Read more

Technology: A Lausanne start-up creates mini-intestinal tracts in 5 to 10 days

– A Lausanne start-up creates mini-intestinal tracts in 5 to 10 days The Lausanne start-up SUN Bioscience, which raised 10 million francs in funds, is selling its know-how so that the industry can recreate the organoids it needs. Published: 15.11.2022, 4:00 p.m. Nathalie Brandenberg and Sylke Hoehnel, the two co-founders of SUN Bioscience. Alain Herzog/EPFL … Read more

Intel has developed an AI capable of detecting deepfakes in real time

In a press release published on its site, Intel announced that it had developed a technology capable of revolutionizing cybersecurity and disinformation on the Internet. As part of its work on responsible artificial intelligence, the developers have created FakeCatcher, a technology capable of identifying in real time if a video contains deepfake. Capable of detecting … Read more