De Marque Education: knowing how to bring together pedagogy and technology

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The success of the design of a digital educational resource depends first and foremost on a fine understanding of the daily reality of teachers and the complexity of student learning mechanisms. In addition, the publisher must have advanced expertise in technological development as well as user experience (UX) research. A rather rare combination of skills!

Our observation is simple: unless you force them, students do not return twice to an application that does not provide them with a positive experience. Indeed, they have developed a real digital culture through their different uses of applications and content. Their expectations are therefore increasingly high… and so much the better!

“Nobody needs another gadget. In fact, teachers demand solutions that naturally engage students in their learning. More than ever, teachers know how to recognize educational resources that appeal to and motivate their students. This is why we only partner with publishers who have extensive experience in the school environment. »

Étienne Breault, Education Brand

De Marque Éducation: promoting the best publishers

A Quebec pioneer in documentation and information technologies, De Marque is the designer of the most advanced digital platforms in the field of books and education, such as Biblus, the portal for digital loans in school libraries.

On the strength of this know-how, the De Marque Education team works closely with developers of digital educational resources to distribute the best applications in the school environment that support the animation of the class and tailor-made tools for each student in his or her educational activities. learning.

The Education Brand offer:

  • Online dictionaries
    • The Le Robert range of dictionaries: the major references in the French language such as Le Petit Robert, Le Grand Robert de la langue française, Le Robert illustré, Le Robert junior, Le Grand Robert & Collins and Le Robert corrector.
    • Multidictionary of the French language: 10 linguistic tools brought together in a resource designed specifically for use in a school context.
  • Platforms to support science education:
    • The School Virtual Human Body: detailed and interactive anatomical charts that clearly present the relationship between all systems.
    • eduMedia: a bank of multimedia files detailing the essential notions as well as a veritable toolbox for creating your own educational video clips.
  • Media education:
    • Le Curieux: the world news newspaper, written for 8 to 12 year olds, which aims to develop openness, culture and critical judgment.
  • Interactive activities that cover the essentials of primary education:
    • Edutechno: learning through play using hundreds of fun activities that are always very visual.

An approach focused on supporting teachers

Integrating a new resource always requires adapting the planning of teaching and the conduct of lessons. It is also necessary to gradually know the tips and tricks to use the functionalities of the applications effectively.

Our goal is for the whole class to enjoy the full potential of your new tools. This is central to the success of any educational project and it is all the more true with resources so rich in content and functionality.

Thus, we team up with teachers by offering preparation materials, training sessions and, above all, a support and advice service in the use of the applications throughout your subscription.
It is by collaborating that we succeed!

Discover all the digital educational resources distributed by De Marque Education in schools:

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