Departure of the CEO of NSO, maker of Pegasus spyware

The Israeli company announces its desire to refocus on NATO countries and reorganizes its activities.

The Israeli Society of NSOmaker of the controversial pegasus spy software, announced a “reorganization” of its activities, the departure of its CEO and its desire to refocus its sales on NATO member countries. “NSO group today announces a reorganization of the company and the departure of CEO Shalev Hulioreplaced by Yaron Shohat, current Chief Operating Officer who will lead the reorganization,” the company said in a statement.

NSO wants to “reorganize all of its activities”, “streamline its operations” and this, in order to “remain one of the largest cybertech companies in the world“and concentrate its sales” on NATO member countries“.

Spy software

In the summer of 2021, NSO found itself in the spotlight after a media consortium revealed that the phone numbers of at least 180 journalists, 600 politicians, 85 human rights activists and 65 business leaders had been spied via its Pegasus software.

This computer tool, considered a “weapon” by the Israeli defense which must give the green light to its export, allows for exampleremotely activate the cameras and microphones of a smartphone.

The firm NSO repeats since these revelations, and others which followed, to have obtained the licenses to export your software and that the latter, intended for counter-terrorism and the fight against crime, could have been “hijacked” from its use by certain customers.

But these revelations and a debt previously contracted by the group amputated its treasury threatening to the survival of this flagship cybertech company Israeli. Court documents showed an internal battle over which countries the group should sell its technology to, with some creditors saying they don’t object to its sale to so-called ‘high-risk’ countries because of their safety record. respect for human rights, to avoid losing money.

According to these documents, Berkeley Research Group (BRG), an American management firm which manages the majority of the group’s shares, opposed it, insisting on the priority for NSO to get off the US blacklist of companies threatening state security on which it was placed in November.

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