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Discover 3 projects supported by White Loop, the first French private blockchain investment fund

The bear market continues, but unique projects aimed at making blockchain the technology of tomorrow continue to be built. Let’s discover Ondefy, DeepSquare and Fluent, 3 promising projects evolving in sectors as varied as decentralized finance (DeFi), cloud computing or the banking system and supported by White Loop Capital, a private French investment fund specializing in blockchain .

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The tricolor investment in the blockchain with White Loop

Although cryptocurrencies are still little democratized in France, many projects are created and developed silently in France.

White Loop, a French company based in Lyon, is working to make the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and cryptocurrencies more accessible in investing in projects while supporting them on various axes such as, among others, financing, marketing, networking, compliance or communication so that they can evolve in the best conditions.

In order to expand its capabilities and increase its development, White Loop will recruit new associates as of October 13 via a form available directly on its site.

Among these projects are Ondefy, DeepSquare and Fluent, solutions to various problems encountered in our ecosystem. Overview of these projects encouraged by one of the first French and private blockchain investment funds.

Ondefy, or DeFi accessible to all

Ondefy is a Swiss company that works to democratize decentralized finance by developing a platform dedicated to DeFi including the qualities of a centralized exchangea category often much easier to handle than a decentralized exchange.

In one click, with a simple email address or via a connection to a MetaMask wallet, anyone can access a complete and simplified tool panel on Ondefy to take advantage of the wide world of DeFi without its many complications.

As such, it is possible to go through Ondefy to buy cryptocurrenciesgenerate returns with a yield farming system or token swap via an integrated bridge, all on more than 10,000 tokens through the largest blockchains such as Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC), Ethereum ( ETH) and second layer solutions like Arbitrum or Optimism (OP).

Ultimately, Ondefy combines the advantages of DeFi with the simplicity of traditional exchanges to allow users of all levels to enjoy their cryptocurrency safely and easily. One of its strengths lies in its section ” Trending tokens ยป, a tab dedicated to popular tokens allowing to classify the cryptocurrencies of the moment according to different criteria.


Overview of the Ondefy interface with the โ€œTrending tokensโ€ section.

The platform has been available in beta version since June 14 and is experiencing growing interest. It was notably the subject of a presentation during the DeFi Boat Party in Paris during EthCC Week last July by its CEO Gauthier Villa in front of important players in the blockchain ecosystem. The project also caught the attention of Owen Simonin, Julien Bouteloup and Mounir Benchemled (CEO of Paraswap).

More recently, in August, Ondefy has partnered with Unstoppable Domainsa must in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which has already enabled the registration of more than 2.5 million domain names in NFT.

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DeepSquare, the decentralized cloud thanks to the blockchain

DeepSquare was born from a clear observation: 76% of cloud computing today is in the hands of tech giants like Google, Amazon or Microsoft.

Thus, the DeepSquare team deemed it necessary that it was time to provide a decentralized, responsible and sustainable alternative the general public, and above all, that the latter be able to participate actively in the development of the network.

Powered by blockchainan intrinsically secure technology by its operation guaranteeing the immutability of the operations carried out, DeepSquare offers a unified interface of professional quality in an ecosystem governed by its own community, a unique system of its kind operating thanks to its governance token, the DPS .

Evolving since April on its own subnet through the Avalanche blockchain, DeepSquare enables enterprises to achieve high performance computing (HPC) in sectors as varied as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, financial services (cryptography in particular) or for the metaverse and Web3.

Resolutely turned towards real ecology, DeepSquare optimizes its network in order to use only renewable energies and thus ensure its sustainability.

With its innovative and user-oriented services, DeepSquare has been selected to participate in Outlier Ventures’ exclusive program: Basecamp 2022, a very selective program aimed at encouraging and supporting projects with high potential so that they can achieve their objectives. Note that this program has seen the passage of now essential blockchain projects such as Brave, Polygon, Filecoin (FIL) or Polkadot (DOT).

Finally, note that DeepSquare also receives financial support from Outlier Ventures to help them achieve their goal: decentralize and make cloud computing sustainable.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Discover the DeepSquare presentation video:

Fluent, the decentralized, transparent and secure bank

What if it were possible to combine traditional banks with digital assets on an innovative model based on transparency and trust ? This is the challenge that Fluent wanted to take up.

Thanks to its US+ stablecoin backed by the US dollar and fully insured at a minimum of a 1:1 ratio, Fluent tends to meet both the needs of traditional finance and DeFi through a complete ecosystem governed by a system of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

While most stablecoin issuers tend to be tight-lipped about the quality of their financial reserves, Fluent works directly with Federation Member Banks, banking organizations that must be able to guarantee the 1:1 ratio of US+ and ensuring the stablecoin’s burn mechanism in order to maintain its peg to the US dollar.

In addition, as part of its partnership with Chainlink (LINK), Fluent allows anyone who wishes to check in real time the reserves used to ensure the US+.

It should also be noted that in order to reconcile traditional finance and digital assets, Fluent allows everyone exchange fiat currency for US+ and vice versa instantly and without friction. This is made possible thanks to a smart contract in charge of ensuring the link between the 2 assets, all with substantial liquidity offered by Fluent’s banking partners.

This bridge, as discreet as it is fast, makes it easier for users to access real-world cash, credit and yield, making US+ a useful stablecoin in traditional activities but also in decentralized finance.

Therefore endowed with substantial and totally transparent liquidityFluent allows both investors and institutions to use a trust system thanks to 2 different governance tokens.

Firstly, BANK tokens are distributed as NFTs so that the partner banks can prove their status as Federation Member Banks, and on the other hand, FLNT tokens that provide voting power on the various proposals of the DAO, which can influence transaction costs, monetary reserves and all policies specific to the protocol such as cash management.

Already recognized by institutions and blockchains in their own right, the US+ stablecoin aims to become the benchmark for transparent and trustworthy stablecoinsall while liaising between institutions and investors.

As such, Fluent is already working on integrations of its unique system within new banking institutions, and further announcements are expected very soon.

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