Doinsport, technology beyond borders

On the occasion of its 4th anniversary in the world of padel, the software publisher from the south of France has just published a list of the countries in which its solution operates. The least we can say is that the diversity is there.

A global presence

As a reminder, the all-in-one management tool for Padel / Tennis clubs is available in French, English, Italian and Dutch.

Thanks to this map, we can see that Doinsport provides its services in more than 15 countries: France, Belgium, Italy, Morocco, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, New Caledonia, Reunion, USA, Thailand, Dubai, Canada, Switzerland , Luxembourg, Guyana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Madagascar and Mauritius.

Working with resorts all over the world is only possible thanks to recognized technology. Padel has issues that differ from country to country. However, sometimes it is necessary to perform integrations in order to adapt to territorial obligations or banking operations, for example.

An assumed international ambition

No competitor in the world of management software for padel cubs is able to adapt as much as Doinsport.

Indeed, with a customer base of more than 500 clubs, Doinsport and its 30 employees have an assumed international ambition.

Loic Lamour, Commercial Director at Doinsport tells us about the emergence of certain markets:

At first we only canvassed foreign clubs quite close to us geographically, only word of mouth took us around the world. I am thinking particularly of French-speaking Africa, from where we receive meeting requests every week, just because we have been advised by clubs already established..

Obviously some of our choices are strategic like our arrival in Italy seeing the explosion of padel there. But very often it is only clubs that cannot find service providers who meet their needs in their country and contact us directly. Today when I see the development of resorts in French-speaking Africa, I am sure that our next customers will be there…”

If you wish to contact the Doinsport teams, do not hesitate to fill out this contact form and an expert will get back to you within the hour.


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