Dougga International Festival -Orange Tunisia continues to experience the contribution of 5G technology

Dougga International Festival -Orange Tunisia continues to experience the contribution of 5G technology

Taking advantage of the exceptional setting of the archaeological site of Dougga where the 46th edition of the Dougga International Festival supported by the Orange Foundation, Orange Tunisia experimented again, on Tuesday August 9, with 5G technology in the field of Culture.

Indeed, and in accordance with the opportunity given by the Ministry of Communication Technologies to telecommunications operators to carry out 5G tests, emphasizing partnerships, in particular with start-ups, Orange Tunisia has carried out a new test with the partner start-up Historiar, and the support of both the Agency for the Enhancement of Heritage and Cultural Promotion and the National Institute of Heritage.

Thanks to the Historiar start-up, which specializes in the development of mobile applications that bring different archaeological sites back to life, with augmented, mixed and virtual reality and the contribution of 5G, the guests present were able to enjoy a unique: travel through several centuries for a total immersion in the past of the archaeological site of Dougga. An experience that was made possible in particular by the very close collaboration of all the stakeholders, thus allowing users present on August 9 to virtually browse the Forum, the Capitol, the Market and the Place de la rose des vents, 4 sites entirely reconstructed as in ancient times.

This evening of August 9 will thus remain engraved in the memory of the spectators thanks to this unique immersive visit experience and which was also followed in the evening by the masterful performance of Lotfi Bouchnak.

Note that the musical program of the International Festival of Dougga continues until August 13, with a host of young artists, thus consecrating the beautiful diversity of the planned performances.

It should also be remembered that the Orange Foundation, which supports the “Festival International de Dougga” association for the organization of planned concerts, is now a recognized partner in the musical world since it supports young musical groups, festivals and actions of mediation and democratization of music with various audiences, particularly in the regions. Thus, support for the Dougga International Festival is a continuation of the cultural sponsorship actions already carried out by the Orange Foundation, such as the exemplary partnerships forged with Helma Tabarka Sky Lantern Festival and Kasserine Youth Festival.

This support is also part of Orange Tunisia’s strategy to promote culture and give it access to as many people as possible, as was the case very recently for the free concert Yalla Jaw with Balti and his duos, organized in heart of Tunis, at avenue Habib Bourguiba.

So be many to be present for the next concerts of the 46th edition of the International Festival of Dougga, during which Orange Tunisia reserved many surprises: distribution of machmoumsseats and fans made available to all…and a “sharing box” to take souvenir photos, not to mention the free access to the internet connection via a wifi corner.

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