Europlasma validates a technology that reduces the consumption of its vitrification processes by more than 40% – 2022-08-18 at 19:00

Europlasma, a specialist in treatment and hazardous waste, material recovery and decarbonization, announces that its Chinese subsidiary Europlasma Environmental Technology (EET) has developed an evolution of its vitrification processes at its joint R&D center with Hangzhou Dianzi University. allowing an energy gain of more than 40%.

A major quantitative leap in terms of energy efficiency

Work to optimize the Europlasma Group’s hazardous waste vitrification processes, initiated two years ago in order to adapt the furnaces to the particularities of the Chinese fly ash market (ultimate incineration waste), is in the completion phase. . Conducted within the Chinese subsidiary (EET) concomitantly with the processing of aluminum slag, they entered the “pilot phase” following the authorization received from the Chinese environmental authorities.

A first test campaign, aimed at drastically improving energy consumption, has just provided experimental demonstration of the relevance of the physico-chemical analyzes and the simulation work carried out so far.


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