First Hand introduces the Quest’s hand tracking technology

Mark Zuckerberg’s firm Meta has just launched First Hand on App Lab. This is a demo giving an overview of the possibilities offered by Meta Quest’s hand tracking technology. It is therefore particularly aimed at new users of autonomous VR headsets Quest and Quest 2.

According to Meta, the creators of First Hand took inspiration from the original First Contact demo for the Oculus Rift when designing it. The same goes for the free First Steps demo, introducing virtual reality to new Quest users. This mainly introduced them to VR interactions. The new demo thus does pretty much the same thing as First Contact and First Steps.

However, it focuses more on the possibilities offered by Meta Quest’s hand tracking technology. As a reminder, Zuckerberg’s company has improved functionality last year, including for Unreal Engine game engine. She also made it properly operational in OpenXR apps on Quest.

First Hand: much more than a simple demo

In First Hand, a user’s hands can be seen interacting with a virtual menu to make robotic gloves. When these are worn, they give him superpowers, roughly resembling those offered by Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit.

The player also performs various movements, such as using keyboards, levers or switches to solve puzzles. Anyway, First Hand is much more than just a demo. Based on Meta’s tool for developers, called the Presence Platform Interaction SDK, it is also available as open-source project.

In other words, it allows developers to understand and easily reproduce these various interactions in their own games and VR applications. Note that Meta’s next VR headset, codenamed Cambria Project, could also benefit from hand-tracking technology. It remains to be seen when it will hit the market.

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