Firstlight Media And Google Cloud Advance Cloud OTT Capabilities For Customers

  • Custom FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) channels running on Google Cloud and ready for scalable CTV monetization via pre-integration with Google Ad Manager in both client-side and server-side environments.
  • Analytics dashboards built on a proprietary, unified data model, bringing together user engagement, content performance, and quality of experience metrics to help drive business. By leveraging the Firstlight Media analytics platform, built on Google BigQuery and Looker, media companies can identify and target users at risk of churn to improve retention and identify new revenue opportunities.
  • Linear streaming via HLS and DASH on Google Cloud Media CDN, with an early version of low latency streaming using the LL-DASH protocol.

“As we delved deeper into our R&D collaboration with Google Cloud, two things stood out,” said John Martin, CTO and co-founder of Firstlight Media. “First, our speed of innovation has increased dramatically with Google Cloud, which will be transformative for the media industry. Second, tight integration with leading CTV-focused services such as Google Ad Manager and Google Cloud Media CDN will directly impact OTT provider results.

As the 2021 Google Cloud Industry Solution Media & Entertainment Partner of the Year, Firstlight Media is working across its partner ecosystem to preview tools at IBC 2022 that can help accelerate the shift from OTT to native cloud platforms.

“At Google Cloud, we continue to explore new ways for our customers to build better businesses with cloud technologies,” said Anil Jain, general manager, Media & Entertainment Industry Solutions for Google Cloud. “By working closely with partners like Firstlight Media, we can accelerate the streaming industry’s transition to a new generation of solutions by advancing capabilities and products that can drive business success and consumer satisfaction. . »


Firstlight Media’s OTT platform is designed to build and run scalable applications in the cloud using cloud-native technologies including containers, microservices, service mesh, APIs, and immutable infrastructure. The OTT technology stack offers significantly better performance, a modular approach to extending functionality, continuous delivery for rapid iteration, and built-in scalability, observability, and security. Forward-looking OTT providers such as aha 2.0 in Indiathe intelligent input of PLDT the Philippines and others use the Firstlight Media platform to deliver services with the flexibility and agility of the cloud, while matching or exceeding the reliability and high performance of broadcast.

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About Firstlight Media

Firstlight Media leads cloud transformations of OTT and home experiences for pay TV, telcos and MVPDs. The company’s cloud-native platform leverages a transformative Gen5 architecture for unparalleled performance in delivering premium video, handling complex use cases, and scaling to millions of viewers. Founded by a team that has built and operated dozens of Tier 1 OTT services worldwide, Firstlight Media powers immersive sports, live experiences and personalized entertainment on any screen. The head office of the company is located at Toronto and has additional locations in Los Angeles, San Diego and Chennai, India. For more information, visit

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