Foot OM – OM against Grégory Schneider, L’Equipe mumbles

Marseille supporters did not like Grégory Schneider’s comments live during L’Equipe du soir. The sports channel split a press release read live which is not really very clear.

We don’t know if, like Gilles Favard, put in the closet so as not to be in the lace, the leaders of the L’Equipe channel will sacrifice Grégory Schneider, but it’s obvious, the journalist from Liberation did not earn only positive returns to the sports channel. For having evoked live, and therefore without filter, the past of Olympique de Marseille, and in particular the famous episode VA-OM, which had earned OM leaders time in prison, and for having linked that with the Marseille victory in the 1993 Champions League, Grégory Schneider was struck by lightning. Even to the point that on the antenna of France Bleu Provence, a journalist attacked his colleague in offensive terms. We were therefore waiting to know what the reaction of the L’Equipe channel was going to be, and that’s good, it was Giovanni Castaldi who on Friday evening returned to the words of his colleague.

The L’Equipe channel does not get wet

In a sequence worthy of Malaise TV, the host read a very diplomatic press release, but which ultimately did not convince either of the two camps, seeming to both support Grégory Schneider while criticizing him. ” During Thursday’s show, one of our debates aroused great emotion, and we would like to remind you that the DNA of L’Équipe du soir is to debate with respect for everyone, thus promoting pluralism and debate. democracy around a sport. We were reminded yesterday that we must always remain vigilant and pursue our job as journalists with passion. “Read, without blinking, Giovanni Castaldi, aware of the impact of this story on social networks, some supporters calling for a boycott of the sports channel. On the side of Grégory Schneider, we responded to those who wanted OM to attack him for defamation, the Liberation journalist citing the minutes of the trial in the VA-OM affair to support his thesis.

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