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Foot PSG – PSG: Galtier vs Fournier, Jérome Rothen has chosen his side

The day after the bomb thrown by Julien Fournier on Christophe Galtier, Jérôme Rothen did not hesitate to come to the defense of the PSG coach while putting the former Nice manager in his place.

Wednesday evening, Julien Fournier threw a big stone in the pond by pointing out that Christophe Galtier made a big mistake during their common period in Nice. “If I explain the real reasons, he no longer enters a locker room in France and Europe”, had launched the current sports director of Parma. This accusatory speech having remained without follow-up, since the former Gym just specified that these “serious things were indirectly related to football”. An attack that did not really surprise the PSG coach, who spoke at a press conference on Thursday: “On the form, I am not surprised knowing the character”. Anyway, Galtier can count on the support of Jérôme Rothen.

“It’s a low level settling of accounts”

“This exit from Fournier is catastrophic. I no longer want to see him in football, like other people. He is abroad, so much the better. Whatever happened between them in Nice is up to them. But this is a low level settling of scores. If you want to say things, you say everything or else you say nothing. You don’t start rumors like that, it’s too easy to talk without proof. There, he denigrates for nothing. Christophe answered in a press conference, he said to himself that Fournier did it because he is the coach of Paris Saint-Germain. But of course ! He is in the spotlight, he is the coach of the best team in France, which has the potential to be European champions… Inevitably, that stirs up jealousy. Next to it, Fournier, he is nothing. He was kicked out of Nice, he is in Parma today. What good did he do in Nice at the sporting level? I’m fed up with these leaders who are in the shadows and who want to take the light. Quarrels, insults, whatever, that’s up to them. I am going in the direction of Galtier, the man on the ground who respects football “launched the RMC consultant, who therefore takes the defense of Galtier without knowing the bottom of the story…

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