Giroud, image rights … Mbappé’s strong words after the victory!

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Kylian Mbappé took a long time to speak, but he finally appeared in front of the press to discuss the victory of the Blues against Austria, but also the Olivier Giroud case or the question of image rights. which has been talked about all week.

On the victory of the Blues

“Even if the team had changed a lot, we had benchmarks, we are happy. The basic objective was still to go to the Final Four, but we had no doubts. We knew what was at stake not to go to this Ligue B, we came with a lot of confidence, we wanted to impose our game. We wanted to improve and we succeeded. »

On Olivier Giroud

“We got on well, with him but also with Antoine (Griezmann) who played. We managed to combine and speak the same football. In addition, he was able to score and get closer to Titi. If it’s a plus? Of course that’s a plus, he’s the second scorer for the France team. It’s a plus, I hope he will do it on Sunday too. »

On the image rights controversy

“The group has always been behind me, you may not have known it, but it has always been a collective approach. I have no problem going to the front of the stage. To fight for my teammates, as I said it does not matter if I have to take criticism. It won’t change the way I play or live. If it can allow the group to be well, that’s the main thing. »

to summarize

Kylian Mbappé, the striker of the France team, confided after the victory against Austria, with strong words. In particular by evoking the Olivier Giroud case but also the sensitive question of image rights.

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