Gold and 6.06m for Armand Duplantis in the pole vault at the European Championships

Armand “Mondo” Duplantis achieved a perfect competition on Saturday in Munich to win his second European title: 5.65m, 5.85m, 5.90m and 5.95m on the first try. The Swede was assured of victory after the last failure at 5.95m by the German Bo Kanda Lita Baehre (silver medalist with 5.85m).

And the clear round continued to 6.06m, cleared easily to improve the Championship record (6.05m) that the world record holder had already held since his title in 2018.

At the World Championships in July, Mondo Duplantis had set a new world record at 6.21 m but the now double European champion decided after his jump at 6.06 m to put an end to his competition.

“It’s great to be able to keep my title here in Germany, four years after Berlin, he confided to the microphone of France Télévisions. I felt an incredible energy coming from the audience, hearing people roar as soon as I start my run-up is an unforgettable feeling. »

The 5.75m cleared on the first try by Norwegian Paul Haugen Lillefosse was enough to secure him the bronze medal.

The two Frenchmen in this final, Thibaut Collet and Renaud Lavillenie rank 5th and 7th, after three failures at 5.85m.


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