Google Cloud Brings Chronicle to Managed Detection and Response

More and more vendors are offering managed detection and incident response solutions. Google Cloud has just updated its Chronicle cybersecurity platform with this in mind.

Faced with the lack of cybersecurity skills, more and more companies are turning to managed solutions. Publishers have understood this demand and are responding to it with MDR offers (managed detection and response to incidents). Cloud providers too, as shown by Google Cloud’s latest announcement on its Chronicle security analytics platform. The service is called “Curated Detections” and is available now to everyone.

Chronicle’s detection feature leverages threat intelligence obtained by Google Cloud’s Threat Intelligence research team. They cover a wide spectrum of threats ranging from ransomware, data theft to misconfigured systems and remote access tools. Still on knowledge bases, the managed offer also includes established sources such as MITER ATT&CK. The goal is to help companies contextualize and better understand potential threats. Google Cloud recently made two security updates to its own products – including built-in DDoS protection and API security. But it’s important to note that while Curative Detection relies on the company’s in-house expertise, Chronicle is a product meant to be sold to everyone, including non-Google customers. Cloud.

A booming market and competition in working order

The Curated Detections announcement addresses the burgeoning managed detection and incident response market, according to Gartner vice president and analyst Neil MacDonald. According to the research firm, this field will see 49% year-over-year growth with an existing revenue of $2.5 billion. According to him, the popularity of this technology is largely due to the increasing complexity of modern security and the lack of knowledge of internal security teams. “All businesses are under attack and all want to better detect and respond to these events, and they struggle to find staff to deal with them,” explains Neil MacDonald. And to add, “the idea of ​​turning to a third party to take care of it on their behalf is therefore quite logical”.

The Chronicle redesign announcement is also likely a response to rival Microsoft, which introduced a similar set of managed detection and response services earlier this year. With indie companies like CrowdStrike, Arctic Wolf, and Red Canary making major industry announcements, it’s no surprise players like Microsoft and Google want to follow suit and claim a piece of the pie.

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