Google Doodle Celebrates 75 Years of Indian Independence


Google Monday celebrated 75 years of India’s independence with a doodle centered on the country’s tradition of flying kites.

The doodle, illustrated by guest artist Neethi, based in Kerala, “depicts the culture around kites – from the art of creating beautiful, shiny kites to the joyful experience of a community coming together” . “The vast expanse of sky brilliantly dotted with kites is a colorful symbol of the great heights we have reached. GIF animation adds dynamism and brings the doodle to life,” Google said.

This culture was once a hallmark of a colonized nation’s struggle for freedom, giving rise to fiery rivalries and bleeding fingers. Indian freedom fighters used to fly kites with slogans to protest against British rule and to spread the message of Indian independence. Since then, the kite has become a popular way to celebrate India’s freedom.


The biggest celebration to mark the day takes place in Delhi’s Red Fort when the Prime Minister addresses the nation from its ramparts and hoists the tricolor.

As Independence Day celebrations approach, monuments and heritage buildings across the country have been decorated with the colors of the national flag. Some examples include Safdarjung Tomb in Delhi, Victoria Memorial and Metcalfe Hall in Delhi Calcutta, Marine Drive in Bombay, and Sardar Sarovar Dam in Narmada district in Gujarat.

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