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Google ends its Stadia service for lack of players

A black cloud hovered for a while on Google’s “cloud gaming” offer. The American giant announces, on September 29, the end of Stadia, relates The Verge. “The service will remain active for gamers until January 18, 2023. Google will refund all physical device purchases [en particulier la manette prévue] as well as digital games and additional content purchased through the Stadia catalog.”

On paper, the proposal launched in 2019 was ambitious. The originality of Stadia was to bet on streaming: go through powerful Google servers, via the Internet, to play without needing to have the latest PC or console. In its press release, quoted by the specialized site of tech news, the firm advances the lack of players, and more generally the lack of enthusiasm of the public, to explain the end of the service. It required the purchase of a good number of titles, contrary to what its nickname “Netflix of video games” implied. The catalog only included a handful of exclusive games.

Reattribution to other projects

The news is not exactly a surprise to The Verge. “Google has a habit of drawing a line under its projects a few years after their launch, and Stadia, the cloud gaming service of a company with little presence in the video game industry, seemed, early on, to suffer a disastrous fate. .” Also in its press release, the firm indicates that it is redeploying the human and technological resources allocated to Stadia to other branches of the group.

This end clap leaves more room in the “cloud gaming” sector for competing companies that are much more established in the world of video games, such as Microsoft and its cloud linked to Xbox, or Nvidia and its GeForce Now.

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