Google invests like no one else (the top 10)

In a new study by BlockData, Google’s parent company finished first among 100 companies on the stock market that most invested in Blockchain – the very essence of cryptocurrencies. The figures are based on the period from September 2021 to June 2022. In ten months, Google invested $1.5 billion. Following the ranking are BlackRock, Morgan Stanley and Samsung.

Only the first three in the ranking have spent more than a billion dollars over the period. The funds did not go into the same projects while Morgan Stanley, BlackRock and Alphabet do not follow the same strategies. For the investor leader, his four main foals are Fireblocks, Drapper Labs, Voltage and Digital Currency Group.

BlackRock is more classic with investments in FTX, Circle and Anchorage Digital. A very targeted portfolio, which denotes with that of Samsung much more diversified. In all, the $979 million South Korean giant has bet on 13 startups.

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Note, among them, the presence of Animoca Brands, which manages the platform Metavers The Sandbox. Google, over the previous period, had invested far less (600 million dollars) but further diversified its portfolio with more than 40 projects concerned.

Blockchain projects

Famous crypto investment funds are not included in the ranking. Indeed, the BlockData figures here are looking at listed companies. Thereby, the Andreessen Horowitz fund (A16z) is not affected. He who, let’s remember, bets on a large scale on the Web3 and was one of the first to invest in platforms like Coinbase.

For this fund as for many proponents of web3, the blockchain will mainly bring the economy on the Internet a way to more strongly protect systems and data, as well as open the door to digital property. We can already see this with NFTs and projects such as Sorare.

Investment in the Blockchain also reflects the different categories of the most popular projects. There are of course companies working on new infrastructures, but also companies doing Blockchain-as-a-Service, to democratize the use of Blockchain and its application to many programs, with rapid development.

Companies that create crypto storage solutions are also mentioned in the study, although in the top 10 present here, we cannot see companies like the French Ledger. Talos, a specialized crypto-currency exchange platform for institutions, has also been approached by many of the top 10 companies cited here. BNY Mellon, PayPal and Citi Bank have invested in it.

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