Google is testing a way to stream a game directly from search results

Google is testing launching a cloud gaming game from the search results page. A feature not limited to Google Stadia that could facilitate the adoption of technology.

One of the things that can help cloud gaming adoption is by making access as easy as possible. This involves the possibility of starting a game without realizing it, or almost. To do this, Google is now testing a way to start a game from a simple click on the search results page, even if it is not on the giant’s own Stadia platform.

Google tests launching a cloud gaming game from the search results page

The test in question, discovered by Bryant Chappel of The Nerf Report, not only allows people to directly launch a game on Stadia, but it also works with Xbox Cloud Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna. If you are selected for the test and are looking for a game on one of these platforms (like Destiny 2 Where Halo Infinite), you should see a Play button in the info panel. Clicking on it will either launch the game or take you to the game launch page on the relevant cloud gaming platform.

A feature not limited to Google Stadia

The Verge and 9to5Google got to see the feature in action. The latter specifies that the search results can even indicate if a game is in limited trial or if it is available for free as part of the premium subscription.

It is not very surprising to see the Mountain View company testing such a function. For several years, tech giants have shown users that they can watch movies and TV shows directly from search results. For example, if you have a Netflix subscription and are looking Stranger Things on Google, you can start watching the series with just one click.

which could facilitate the adoption of the technology

Finally, looking back, it’s a bit strange that Google didn’t offer this feature for Stadia from the start to promote its cloud gaming service. And on the other hand, the Stadia store hasn’t had a dedicated search feature for a year and a half, further proof that the platform is not really among the priorities of the American giant. Anyway, Stadia is still very much alive, Google has no intention of abandoning it and is even adding new features little by little.

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