Google Maps is getting some very interesting new innovative features

You may be a user of the Google Maps application, to guide you on your journeys… Since Wednesday, July 27, the application has acquired some new features: immersive 3D view, updated navigation for bicycles and sharing notifications… Three new possibilities that have no connection between them, but which can help you prepare your itinerary, or, for the last, to reassure you about the movements of your loved ones, with their agreement of course! Google Maps has more than 1 billion active users, and even if it does not warn of control zones as Waze and Coyote could do, it is rather efficient and practical to use… Discovery.

The immersive 3D view

This new addition to Google Maps now offers photographic aerial views of 100 famous sites around the world… If you visit London you can see the Big Ben, in New York, Alcatraz and in Paris, the Eiffel tower… Aerial views are available from anywhere in the world ! Just type Big Ben, to see the photos of the monument. This immersive view should be completed later with interior views. Some cities could also be represented in this way in a few months.

The immersive 3D view. Illustrative photo not contractual. Credit: Shutterstock

Improved bike navigation

Cycling navigation is more precise for users… Indeed, Google Maps now indicates intense traffic points, steep slopes, the types of roads but also the stairs. The trip comparator is also getting stronger and will soon be available in several hundred cities around the world.

Notification sharing

This new feature could reassure the parents or relatives of a friend who has to go home alone after a party, for example. is good, I have arrived/returned”! With Maps, and provided it is activated on your loved one’s smartphone, you will receive a notification via the app and by email when your loved one will have returned to its home base.

Two other very useful features…

  • Who has never struggled to find a parking space, parking in an avenue? And who has never looked for a free parking space? Google Maps allows you to find a parking space, and tells you if parking is allowed where you are, but also if the parking lots are free or paid.
    To do this, simply click on “steps and more” which is right next to the estimated travel time or on the small P for parking to access this information.
  • And who has never lost their car in an unfamiliar city or in a huge parking lot? Did you know that Google Maps could “take you back to your car”? It’s super simple, you have to only think about it when you park… When you arrive at your destination, your car is marked with a blue logo; click on it then “save parking”.
    The marked place then turns into a notification that you just have to click on when you get to your car!

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