Google Maps would have led pregnant women to anti-abortion centers in the United States

Since the Supreme Court of the United States in June 2022 revoked the right to abortion across the country, the fight for women’s rights has taken a new turn. Horrifying stories of struggling people being denied abortions are circulating the web. Recently, an investigation even revealed that Google Maps would have directed pregnant women wishing to have an abortion to anti-abortion establishments.

Women seeking abortion sent to pro-life centers by Google Maps

In the United States, women wishing to have an abortion typed “abortion clinics” into the search bar of Google Maps. However, it is anti-abortion centers that have been offered to them. It was a survey by Bloomberg magazine published on August 15, 2022 that pointed to this phenomenon. Indeed, pregnant women are not directed to abortion clinics, but to what are called CPCs, Crisis Pregnancy Center, or emergency center for pregnancies in French, which, moreover, are sometimes hidden behind a false identity.

These establishments are in fact non-medical organizations, often orchestrated by religious organizations or the Republican party, which is extremely conservative. The purpose of these CPCs? Prevent pregnant women from aborting, trying to convince them by any means. They can go so far as to make women feel guilty, telling them that an abortion can cause cancer. A young woman has, moreover, shared her experience with Bloomberg. “When my partner left the room, I mentioned that I was in an abusive relationship. They told me that having a pregnancy could help fix my relationship, that it would inspire my partner to become a man, and that I find a purpose in life,” she says. Of course, they do not direct people who still want an abortion to abortion clinics.

Google Maps offers up to nine out of ten fake establishments

Most terrifyingly, it seems that a quarter of Google Maps searches for abortion clinics actually plan to direct people to these pro-life centers. In some states, up to nine out of ten results are wrong. This is particularly the case of Mississippi, which is one of the ten American states that made abortion completely illegal after the revocation of the right to abortion.

According to Bloomberg, Google Maps would even mislead pregnant women and give them false information since 2018. However, Google assured that it had taken hold of the problem following the investigation, and would try to offer results that coincide with searches as best as possible. . In addition, the Web giant promises to remove as many establishments as possible that present themselves under a false identity.

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