Google offers large format ads in New York for the RCS (with the iPhone as the target)

Decidedly, Google does not miss an opportunity to attack Apple and underline its reluctance to support the protocol Rich Communication Services for iPhone users.

After launching a new website called Get the Messagewhich subtly asks Cupertino to adopt RCS for the Messages application, today it is offering itself a vast advertising campaign in Manhattan and Brooklyn, just to prepare the ground well a few weeks before the launch of the iPhone 14.

From August 25 until October 6, 2022, more than 500 digital billboards will adorn the two neighborhoods. Our American colleagues have also published a few examples of advertisements on LinkNYC kiosks. Apparently there would be scrolling panels but also static billboards.

We see a large screenshotwith the difference symbol: the gray and green bubbles when text messages are exchanged between an iPhone and an Android, but also photo and video files (very small, with quality rotten lessened). At the very bottom we see the famous green Android logo (lower left corner) with a Apple Help #GetTheMessage and a link to the website.

Google offers large format ads at  New York for the RCS (with iPhone as target)

As a reminder, the RCS makes it possible to improve certain SMS functionalities, such as support for read receipts or encryption. Unlike Google, Cupertino has indeed chosen to integrate these into iMessagewhich is not available outside of branded products.

The latest site launched by Google intends to denounce the obstacles between the two platforms, from a pro-Android angle. Namely cross-platform messaging issues -such as low quality photos and videos (admittedly..)- or group chat, end-to-end encryption, read receipts and keystroke indicators, pointing out that these problems could be solved if Apple adopted the RCS protocol. It’s time for Apple to fix SMS.

Google offers large format ads at  New York for the RCS (with iPhone as target)

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