Google Randstad Sourceright Recruiters Lose Their Jobs

  • Recruiter Randstad Sourceright’s contractors were removed from his Google Account this week.
  • Sources said Randstad told them Google wouldn’t accept new starters until Q4.
  • The contractors involved said Randstad bosses assured them their roles would be safe.

Dozens of US-based entrepreneurs working to find positions for Google at its external recruitment firm Randstad Sourceright were told this week that their jobs were being cut amid the search giant’s recent hiring freeze, Insider has learned.

Affected recruiting contractors — almost all of whom work remotely to recruit technical talent like engineers and data scientists for Google — found out during a flurry of video broadcasts on Thursday, which appeared to be pre-recorded. five people with direct knowledge of the situation told Insider. The exact number of assigned roles could not be learned immediately.

While executives on the appeal stressed that Randstad Sourceright, a huge global recruitment outsourcing company, had not lost its contract with Google, they said the Alphabet-owned company had significantly slowed hiring, depending on the people present during the calls.


These people said they were told that Google would not open new start dates to applicants in Q3 and that any new starters would instead be pushed back to Q4.

“Randstad Sourceright naturally does not share details of our customer contracts,” a Randstad Sourceright spokesperson said in a statement. “Furthermore, it is important to understand that Randstad Sourceright has sole discretion in deciding how to deliver its outsourcing services, independent of our clients. This includes the employment of our employees in connection with the provision of our services. »

A Google spokesperson declined to comment.

Google implemented a two-week hiring freeze on July 20, but Insider reported on August 11 that it had been unofficially extended for another week. The company previously said it was slowing hiring for the rest of the year.

Faced with slowing revenue growth and economic certainty, tech giants from Google to Facebook to Microsoft to Amazon have slowed and in many cases paused hiring Given the size of their companies, the impact on external recruiters could be widespread.

“It was the equivalent of being spat in the face”

Randstad Sourceright contractors affected by Thursday’s announcement said they were told they weren’t being fired, but rather had been removed from the Google project and placed on the ‘Randstad bench’ for 30 days in which they might be considered for other roles within the recruitment company.

However, they said they were told they would only be paid until Thursday next week and had not been given information on how their healthcare benefits would be affected. . The Randstad Sourceright spokesperson said live benefits sessions were held for all potentially affected employees and they were invited to a live Q&A session on Monday, August 22.

“They try to figure out it’s like a holiday, but it’s not. They’re trying to get butter and butter money,” said an affected Randstad entrepreneur.

Some contractors have been reassigned to other short-term projects within the Randstad business, a person familiar with the situation said.

When the Randstad contractors learned of their plight during Thursday’s mandatory video meetings, access to their Google systems was disabled, sources said. An affected contractor said he could not update candidates on his progress and expressed concern that he made it look like he was ghosting interviewees when they failed to show up to the scheduled preselection calls.

“They handled it horribly – there were waves of the meeting and at the end of it we quickly lost access to everything. So it was like a building was on fire,” a former Randstad contractor told Sourceright. “I had friends fired and I was counting the minutes until my meeting, just out of fear of what was to come. »

Four affected contractors said the cuts were made even more infuriating because they were reassured by their Randstad managers not to worry about their jobs. when Google’s hiring slowdown was announced last month.

“I understand that business is business, but I disagree with the way the business has been conducted,” said another of the entrepreneurs affected by the Randstad cuts. “For me, it was the equivalent of being spat in the face.

Another aforementioned former Randstad entrepreneur said, “I understand the nature of business – capitalism is good – but you don’t have to be bad”, a nod to the phrase ” Don’t be mean” used to be enshrined in Google’s corporate code of conduct.

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