Google Search Console Reported Incorrect Number Of Indexed Pages


Google says a problem with Search Console caused it to report an incorrect number of indexed pages. The problem is now solved.

Therefore, Google is warning you that you will likely see a drop in the number of indexed pages in the Index Coverage report.

It’s not that the pages have disappeared from Google’s index. Instead, they weren’t really indexed to begin with.


In other words, this is a reporting issue, not a site issue.

However, this problem should not be ignored, especially if you have compiled reports for clients and included the incorrect number of indexed pages.

What must I do now?

It is important to relay the information announced today by Google, so that customers understand why their next report shows a drop in indexed pages.

Google has updated the Index Coverage report in Search Console with an annotation about the issue, which anyone can see when viewing the report.

Also, it’s worth browsing through your most valuable URLs and recently published content to see if Google still shows them as indexed. The problem may have led you to believe that the pages were indexed when they weren’t.

To that end, knowing about this Search Console issue can bring a sense of relief in some cases.

For example, if you were not getting any Google traffic to pages that Search Console confirmed were indexed, you now know the problem.

Source: @GoogleSearchSC on Twitter
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