Google wants to decide the future of video games and it’s scary

News hardware Google wants to decide the future of video games and it’s scary

In the United States, a feature being tested within Google’s search engine allows the company to suggest a new way to play video games when a search is made on this subject. How to direct players to new platforms?

If you’re a video game player, it’s a safe bet that you regularly search online for the titles that interest you. Most of the time, typing the name of a game on Google provides immediate access to a wealth of information. In particular, you can see on which platforms the title is available.

But these data are obviously not sufficient for Google. The search engine now seems to have a new fad: that of directing Internet users to streaming video game platforms.

In the United States, Google users recently saw a new option appear when searching for information about a game in the search engine: a button offering to play it directly in streaming from a service to which the Internet user has subscribed.

In the case of Bryan Chappel, a reporter for The Nerf Report, Google Stadia is offered, since he has an account on the service. A simple search around the Control game allows him to launch it from the platform.

If you have an Nvidia GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming or Amazon Luna account, the button adapts to your access. If you have several accounts, you should expect to see several buttons appear, logically.

Smoother access to different game streaming platforms on Google

If we can see in Google’s proposal a slightly intrusive side, it is also possible to perceive an easy and smooth way to enjoy game streaming. In this context, you do not need to open the software linked to your subscription to have access to an available game: a Google search is enough to launch the title of your choice.

Google wants to decide the future of video games and it's scary

This “frictionless” method can therefore save users a few clicks, but it can also give information to Google about the gaming habits of Internet users, hence the potential criticism linked to the intrusion of the Web giant. We imagine that Google can use the data collected for its advertising targeting, for example.

A feature far from available to all

This feature seems to be very discreetly tested in the United States by Google. The various media that were able to see it did not learn of it directly from the company, and some, like The Verge, even noticed its disappearance a few hours after noticing it. This suggests that Google is not quite up to speed on the subject yet.

It is therefore impossible to know if the possibility of launching a streaming game from the search engine results will one day become available to everyone, but it remains a possibility.

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